REA's Innovative Solution to Costly Problem

Grease and fat blockages can cause sanitary sewer overflows, in which sewage is discharged into the environment without treatment. In the United States, almost half of all sewer blockages are caused by grease.  These fatty blockages plague sewers, causing them perform at lower capacity than designed resulting in billions of dollars in sewer repairs.




US PATENT 8,119,832


A biodiesel reactor system using a unique continuous-flow design for continual production of biodiesel from a multitude of feed-stocks.  This process is easily scalable by selecting flow vessels appropriately.

Construction Board Primer


US PATENT 9,381,677

Primer used to coat agricultural fibers before being pressed into construction board.  This primer is a much safer alternative to the formaldehyde-based primers and allows for optimal adhesion of resin.

About Us



We have found creative ways to re-purpose waste from other processes such as biodiesel production.  

REA's Competitive tech advantage

Automated & Continuous Flow

raises production efficiency with faster and higher conversion rates, and can provide more consistent product quality and plant safety. 

Transportable Technology

means equipment is fully contained in Conex shipping container. The small footprint requires less dedicated space at WWTP's for REA equipment. 

Methanol Recovery & Recycle

is included in the basic system design, reducing methanol consumption by more than 50% compared to "industry norm" equipment that does not recycle 

Patented Reactor

for the simultaneous separation of the glycerol by-product,  eliminating an additional module that most current systems require. 

Feedstock Flexibility

allows REA's systems to process a multitude of feedstocks , opening new opportunities for WWTF's to receive added municipal waste streams.