Convert Your Waste Streams Into Energy and New Revenue in a Profitable and Sustainable Manner

Our biodiesel production system is designed to handle a variety of feedstocks, including waste from slaughter plants and rendering facilities. Considering our system is non-invasive to plant operations, it can be operated without interruption to existing processes. It runs in an automated and continuous-flow manner, meaning it requires only shared and non-technical personnel to operate it. The modular design of the production process allows the core biodiesel production system to be fitted with front-end modules for industry-specific waste streams.

What separates our system from that of conventional biodiesel producers is its relatively small footprint and its capability to transform feedstocks high in free fatty acids into premium-grade biodiesel. This capability provides a high-value solution for meat and poultry processors that are challenged with the disposal of byproduct and waste material.

Federal regulations aimed to curb the disposal of waste produced by processors present industry-wide challenges. Landfills are closing off access to processors, as a means to mitigate odor pollution in their surrounding areas. Collectively, such pressures are elevating the urgency for alternative disposal solutions.

By commissioning an REA biodiesel production system, processors can mitigate the environmental and economic costs associated with the disposal of their waste streams. Furthermore, the on-site production of biodiesel presents a new revenue opportunity from the sale of biodiesel to local or regional fuel distributors, which have a substantial appetite for the type of biodiesel our system produces. Biodiesel can also displace - in whole or in part - existing energy sources consumed onsite.


Profitable and sustainable solution to EPA regulations on disposal of waste
Operates in an automated and continuous-flow manner without interruption to existing plant operations
Offered as an installed asset or as a Service with no up-front purchase required.