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When the City of Danbury decided to renovate its wastewater treatment plant, it incorporated our FOG-To-Biodiesel system to eliminate the costly expense of disposing brown grease. The solution we proposed not only reduced their overall O&M costs, but created a revenue stream in the form of ASTM B100 biodiesel produced from brown grease.

Our FOG-To-Biodiesel system can produce this premium-grade biodiesel from any type of FOG. This is a quantum leap in innovation, as all other attempts to produce biodiesel from brown grease have failed.

For this project, we designed a FOG receiving facility to increase Danbury’s capacity to accept FOG waste trucked in from food-service establishments and other sources. Our proprietary Grease Recovery Units work in tandem with our decanting process to eliminate water content and prepare the FOG for conversion into biodiesel. Water separated in the decanting process is fed into its wastewater treatment system, eliminating the need to dispose of this waste stream.

As a result of our technology, the City of Danbury is able to fuel municipal operations, including its school buses and fire department vehicles.

fuel municipal operations rea systems
REA Systems FOG To Biodisel School Bus


Eliminates FOG disposal expense
Creates new revenue stream
Improves environmental impact