grease recovery rea systems

When the City of Hartford sought to lower O&M costs of its expansive collection and treatment systems, it turned to REA to learn how our FOG Management system could help.

Once we had a good understanding of its infrastructure, we were able to identify quick wins for them.

Our first recommendation was to deploy our Grease Recovery Units at certain lift stations located upstream from sewer lines that were notorious for clogging due to excessive brown grease flowing from nearby restaurants. For this type of application, our GRUs were designed to mitigate pipe blockages caused by FOG build-up. When installed, GRUs can successfully divert and capture brown grease from the collection system, lowering FOG-related O&M costs for the municipality.

grease recovery 12a rea systems
grease recovery 12b rea systems
grease recovery 12c rea systems


Reduces FOG-related O&M costs
Mitigates pipe blockages attributed to brown grease
Installed at pump stations upstream from chronically troubled areas in the collection system