Fat, oil and grease (FOG) is a costly problem.

In the US, almost half of all sewer blockages are caused by FOG. Blockages can cause sanitary sewer overflows, which discharge sewage into the environment without treatment. Such fatty-oriented blockages cause sewers to perform well below capacity, demanding a costly and perpetual response. All in all, these blockages result in mandatory repairs that exceed $25 billion annually in the US, and exponentially more worldwide.


Over the past 14 years, we have developed solutions that help municipalities successfully manage the myriad of challenges brought about by FOG in their sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants. Considering the origins of our company were founded at the University of Connecticut, our solutions incorporate educational programming to raise both awareness and compliance among the food-service industry. Our exhaustive research on the conversion of FOG to B100 biodiesel has led to breakthrough developments in technology that we have commercialized to benefit municipalities and operators around the world.

FOG Management

Our holistic approach to managing FOG is unprecedented. From our proprietary Grease Recovery Units to our FOG-To-Biodiesel system, we have developed a comprehensive solution for municipalities and wastewater treatment plant operators that addresses FOG management in an effective and profitable manner.

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Our FOG-To-Biodiesel system scales to fit the needs of any wastewater treatment plant. It offers a proprietary continuous flow design for continual production of biodiesel from a multitude of virgin (yellow grease) and non-virgin (brown grease) feedstocks, expanding opportunities for WWTPs to receive and process new municipal waste streams.

Awareness & Education

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As engineers, we would be remiss if we didn’t identify the source of FOG-related problems – and consequently design a solution to address it. To that end, we’ve developed an educational program that we offer free-of-charge to municipalities, so they can painlessly launch campaigns to raise both awareness and compliance among residents and food-service establishments within their communities.

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