REA Breaks Ground at Danbury WWTP

REA Resource Recovery Systems officially broke ground on its first commercial contract at the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant in Danbury, Connecticut. The project is part of a $100 million modernization being developed by Veolia North America.

REA’s technology diverts and captures FOG, converting this (brown grease) waste onsite — in an automated and continuous-flow system — into premium-grade biodiesel that Danbury will utilize to fuel its municipal fleet. According to life-cycle analysis completed by Argonne National Laboratory, emissions for B100 biodiesel are 74% lower than those from petroleum diesel. The California Air Resources Board also has reported similar values for its life-cycle analysis of biodiesel from various sources.

The surplus of biodiesel Danbury will produce will be sold on the open market to shorten the payback period of its investment in the REA FOG-To-Biodiesel system. The ROI is compelling, with an average payback period of only 5 years.

Once commissioned later this year, Danbury will eliminate the need and cost associated with disposing FOG into landfills and incinerators, and contribute to environmental-stewardship and decarbonization mandates that have become central to public policy.

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