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REA's proprietary process

REA has developed a proprietary process that converts feedstock with high Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s) into high quality biodiesel.  This process handles feedstock with FFA’s from 0% to 100%.   This technology not only processes high FFA feedstock, but is designed to process a mixture of available feedstocks.  This allows a facility to use a variety of normally troublesome local resources thereby increasing output of biofuel.  Most importantly, this process can produce high quality biodiesel using  FOG (fats, oils and grease), a waste disposal problem in most of the 100,000 wastewater treatment facilities worldwide.

A growing supply and a growing need

Over 5 billion pounds of FOG enter United States wastewater treatment facilities each year.  These facilities are tasked with the dewatering and incinerating of FOG, typically as supplemental fuel in sludge incinerators.  There is no energy recovery in this process and could be considered a missed opportunity to generate valuable biodiesel fuel.  

Transforming refuse into revenue

Benefits of our FOG-to-Biodiesel system

  • Resource recovery of negative value waste stream into value added products
    • FOG receiving tipping fees
    • Production of biodiesel
  • Reduce sewer collection and treatment plant O&M expenses
  • Utilize waste stream from biodiesel process as supplemental carbon source
  • Generate energy and reduce demand on grid
  • Reduce carbon footprint

About Us

The Technology

Our proprietary technology is the most advanced in the industry and is scalable from 100,000 gallons per year to 10,000,000+ gallons per year of production.  Our equipment is easy to operate, with fast startup and shutdown capabilities.

A Turnkey Solution

REA's patented technology is non-invasive to your wastewater treatment plant, and will not disrupt current operations.  Our turnkey system arrives prebuilt and ready to operate upon delivery.  The modular design  provides optimal flexability and permits multiple feedstocks, expansions and technology upgrades.  


Contact REA to discuss the feasability of FOG to biodiesel at your WWTP.  How much could your facility save in energy costs per year?

Making biodiesel at the University of Connecticut

Dr. Parnas is currently a professor of chemical engineering at UCONN where he lectures and conducts research on biofuel processing.  Dr. Parnas is an internationally recognized expert in the field of composite technologies and has published over 100 scientific articles in refereed journals as well as written a book on composite processing.  


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