Technology to manage FOG sustainably - and profitably.

We turn waste streams into premium-grade biodiesel to benefit your bottom line and the environment.


Technology to eliminate environmental and economic costs of FOG disposal.

Address environmental-stewardship and decarbonization mandates that have become central to public policy.


Technology to reduce carbon emissions.

Produce your own biodiesel onsite to fuel your municipal fleets and reduce respective carbon emissions by 74%.


Technology to minimize sewer blockages.

Reduce O&M costs by deploying our proprietary grease recovery units.


Meet REA Resource Recovery Systems

REA Resource Recovery Systems is a technology company focused on solving an estimated $126 billion annual problem faced by wastewater treatment plants worldwide.

Billions of gallons of FOG (fats, oils, grease) are discharged into sewers annually, causing large-scale problems such as pipe blockages that lead to sanitary sewer overflows. FOG is costly to manage, treat and dispose, and has a negative impact on the environment due to standard operating procedures such as landfilling and incineration.

REA’s technology diverts and captures FOG, converting this (brown grease) waste onsite — in an automated and continuous-flow system — into premium-grade biodiesel that municipalities can utilize to fuel their fleets and reduce respective carbon emissions by 74%. Surplus production can be sold to increase ROI.

With our intellectual property, developed under the auspices of the University of Connecticut over the past 14 years, wastewater treatment plants can now eliminate the economic and environmental costs associated with FOG disposal, while addressing environmental-stewardship and decarbonization mandates that have become central to public policy.

Where our technology fits in and the economic and environmental benefits to municipalities.


Our technology is scalable to address even the largest of municipal and industrial use cases.


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We Call It Total FOG Solutions®

When the City of Danbury decided to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, it incorporated our FOG-To-Biodiesel system.

When the City of Hartford sought to lower its O&M costs, it turned to REA for our grease-recovery technology

To increase compliance among food-service establishments, we provided the City of Hartford with the necessary programming.

REA Resource Recovery Systems in the News

The installation of its first commercial FOG-To-Biodiesel system gets underway.

REA to provide expertise in the design of a FOG receiving facility and the installation of a 250,000 GPY FOG-To-Biodiesel system. 

REA to work with Veolia North America to install its first commercial FOG-To-Biodiesel system at the Danbury wastewater treatment plant.

Danbury to become the first WWTP to convert FOG onsite into biodiesel to fuel its municipal fleets.

REA works with the Hartford MDC to launch a FOG awareness program utilizing UCONN students.

Governor Malloy pumps biodiesel produced from wastewater during his tour of REA’s pilot facility at the New Haven wastewater treatment plant.

Congresswoman DeLauro and New Haven Mayor Harp discuss REA’s biodiesel demonstration system.

In partnership with the University of Connecticut and the City of New Haven, REA produces B100 biodiesel used by the City to fuel its fleet.

REA integrates current UCONN students into projects, giving them an opportunity to gain valuable first-hand experience in their fields.

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